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Museo Bandini, Fiesole


This museum contains the collection of the canon Angelo Maria Bandini, an 18th c. man of letters, the librarian of the Biblioteca Marucelliana and the Biblioteca Laurenziana.

The Museum is distinguished by a strong presence of Florentine and Tuscan artists of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, the so called "Italian Primitives": the Master of the Stories of the Cross, Taddeo and Agnolo Gaddi, Nardo di Cione, and Lorenzo Monaco are only the best known painters of the gold background panels that make Museo Bandini unique.

No less important are offerings by masters of the fifteenth century: from Neri di Bicci to Jacopo del Sellaio (with his splendid Triumphs) and a delicate Madonna and Child produced in the workshop of Botticelli. The collection contains also sculptures, included many items of the school of the Della Robbia.

For any information:

Museo Bandini, Fiesole
Via G. Duprè 1.
Info ‘Fiesole Musei’ Via Portigiani, 27 (39 055 59118/59416).


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